‘You can all bite me’: Tulisa Contostavlos hits out at her ‘haters’ with latest Twitter rant

This comes from the MailOnline website (link below if you’re interested). The gist of the report is that Tulisa is once again showing the world just how classy she really is. After a week of being splashed over the front pages thanks to humping a footballer (which completely passed me by last week so I didn’t get Louis’ […]

How Goes the Mo?

We’re two weeks into Movember, and it’s time to take a little look at the progress of the upper lip adornment. Or, as it’s been put to me, that thing on my face. This is a really important cause. Here are some things you might not know about prostate cancer • 1 in 9 men […]

It’s “Movember” – Follow my “mogress” here

For those of you that don’t know, Movember is a fund-raising imitative aimed at raising awareness of “men’s health” issues, in particular prostate cancer & testicular cancer, and raising money for charities working to fight them. Prostate cancer kills over 10,000 men in the UK every year, a similar number of men to the number of women […]

Ceefax Is Dead: ‘Goodbye Note’ Discovered On Twitter -(via HuffPost)

Must say, I’m somewhat sad to see Ceefax come to an end – even if I’m as guilty as everyone else for it’s demise having not looked at it for years. I suppose to some extent it was a precursor to the internet and the way it gives you news, sport and gossip on demand. […]