Movie Review – The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War was released on Amazon Prime Video as an Amazon Original at the start of July and I only sat down to watch it this past weekend. It was originally going to be released in cinemas by Paramount, but the pandemic led to Amazon snapping up the rights. There’s an interesting post there somewhere in looking at how the release of new movies has changed over the past couple of years and if it’s going to continue once we are finally out the other side of the horrible period in our civilisation.

Jupiter’s Legacy: Super-Slow Superhero series that fails to save the day

Superhero movies & TV shows have been all the rage for well over a decade now. Jupiter’s Legacy, a Netflix original, is the latest offering in the genre. Having now been able to watch the series, here I offer up my thoughts on the show.

X-Factor 27/10/12 – Live(ish) blog

I’m a bit late to the ‘live’ part of this live blog (by which I mean I’m writing as I watch the show, cause, let’s be honest, you need to do something while watching). And I might have to stop if Lily wakes up, starts crying and therefore needs a cuddle to go back to sleep. […]

Review – X-Factor 23/10/10 part 1

Well, this day was my birthday, 36 years young, so I was hoping that all my dreams would come true. Unfortunately, Wagner is still in the X-Factor, so I was all out of luck. As was John Yoda-lay-hey-who or whatever his name is, who went crashing out after forgetting the lyrics in his version of […]