Are there any Premier League Clubs still wholly British owned?

I’ve imported some older blog posts of mine from other blogs into this one and going through them I came across this post from 2010 on the sale of Blackburn Rovers to the Indian chicken farmers, the Venkey’s Group.

End of an Era – #ThankYouNuno

I’m in shock. I was going to write a piece this weekend analysing what ‘went wrong’ this year at Wolves, but that no longer seems appropriate—at least, not in the short term.

2020/21 – The Season that Football will want to Forget

From the lack of crowds to the burned-out players leading to a higher than usual injury rate, to the utterly abysmal way in which VAR seems to be getting worse, not better and the over-saturation of coverage of TV… It’s just been a bit shit.

Fatherly Pride

It was with a very fatherly sense of pride that I watched my son’s football coach call him back for a “quick word” after he’d dismissed the rest of the team following their 7-1 victory this weekend.

Saunders can do a Job

I’ve got to say, I really like the noises coming out of Molineux following the appointment of Dean Saunders as manager.

@BBCSporf, #SneijderToQPR and the Power of Twitter

This past Thursday and Friday, we had a wonderful example of both the power of Twitter in 2013 and the way that Football has sold it soul to a media that laps up everything to do with it, no matter how dubious the source. @BBCSporf is a classic example of a parody twitter account. It […]

Steve Mogan’s Big Decision

I posted about this on Facebook a couple of days ago, but I’m going to expand on it here. Wolves owner, Steve Morgan, has a massive decision to make in the next few days. Massive. Does he hold his nerve and trust in his initial judgement regarding Stale Solbakken’s appointment as manager, or does he […]

BBC – Phil McNulty: Brilliant Bale has world at his feet

I don’t usually agree with McNulty – in fact, I don’t know why I bother to read him – but I do agree with this. Gareth Bale was fantastic last night. Shame he can play for England, we could use someone like hi. BBC – Phil McNulty: Brilliant Bale has world at his feet.

Rovers going for an Indian

So, I looks as if Blackburn Rovers are set to become the latest Premier League club to get foreign owners, with Indian farming company Venkey’s Group all but ready to complete a takeover from the Jack Walker Trust. They will join 8 of the other 19 premiership clubs who are owned outright by foreign nationals, […]