‘You can all bite me’: Tulisa Contostavlos hits out at her ‘haters’ with latest Twitter rant

This comes from the MailOnline website (link below if you’re interested). The gist of the report is that Tulisa is once again showing the world just how classy she really is. After a week of being splashed over the front pages thanks to humping a footballer (which completely passed me by last week so I didn’t get Louis’ reference to her being a WAG on Saturday) and then her bizzare rant on Sunday night when she basically told off the public for voting for the wrong person on X-Factor (A person she herself had saved previous – what goes around comes around), she’s now coplaining about all the “attention”. Which is a bit rich, to be honest.

Here’s a screenshot from the Mail website showing her tweets

This girl displays no class at all and the sooner she crawls back under what ever rock she emerged from the better in my opinion. She clearly demonstrates that she thinks an awful lot of herself – and a lot more than most members of the public seem to think of her.

As an aside, read the comments section of the article on MailOnline.


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