Stowe Gardens, Buckinghamshire

This past weekend I visited the very beautiful Stowe Gardens in Buckinghamshire with my family. It’s a National Trust property, and this was a ‘free’ weekend. It normally would have cost us £30 to get in but because they were having a membership recruitment drive, it was free!

Always good to get something for nothing in my view.

It was a lovely day, quite warm but not too hot. Perfect in fact for wandering around a proper English Garden. Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took.

2013-04-20 15.48.36

2013-04-20 15.32.10

2013-04-20 15.30.11

2013-04-20 15.28.19

2013-04-20 15.27.58

2013-04-20 15.13.11

2013-04-20 14.58.15

On top of the walk around the gardens, Jeremy got very excited because he saw FIVE Ferraris on the journey there/back. Probably due the proximity of the gardens to Silverstone. Hell, we passed Silverstone’s entrance on the way back, which he also got very excited about. However, one of the said Ferraris was blue. Which is just wrong. Ferraris should be red, black or yellow, but never blue. It was a very nice blue, but it’s still wrong.


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