Bye Bye 2014

So, as 2014 comes to an end, we find that my stated aim for this section of the blog from October was a miserable failure. After a review of one episode of X-Factor and a single review of The Apprentice, well, that was all I managed to do. The reason (or excuse) is the same as […]

A Sign of Things to Come – It’s going to be a Long 7 Months

Last week, The Labour Party released a secretly recorded tape of a Government Minister, Lord Freud, making ill-advised comments about disabled people and the minimum wage. Now, it’s clear this was a cynical attempt by Labour to make the minister and the Government look bad – part of Labour’s election strategy for next May is […]

Summer’s Here

It has, to put it mildly, been freaking hot in the UK the past week or so. I mean, seriously hot. We’re not used to it here. We’re used to grey skies and drizzle. So, in celebration of the lovely weather, here are some customary generic pictures of ladies in bikinis, because… why not? Of […]

So Much for Equality

This comes from the Daily Mail (no surprise there then). A wife has been fined £300 for assaulting her husband, who has MS and needed 13 stitches. The article treats it as a joke story, but I can’t help think that if *he* had assaulted *her* then the sentence would have much more severe. Maybe […]

One day ‘An eminent Lord’ – and the next – ‘A Child Sex Apologist’

Always an interesting read, Anna Raccoon hits the nail on the head with this one. My, oh, my – the Conspiri-loons are fair drumming their heels in the Twitter aisles this morning. Monstrous tantrums. So near the sweetie counter – and yet so far! Was it only Monday – two days ago – that Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss […]

X-Factor 2014 – Week 2 review

Okay, Okay, I watch the X-factor. Don’t hate me for it. Mind you, sometimes I hate myself for it. This week for example. I hated myself for watching it this week. Why? Well, it was 80s night, and boy did it make me feel old. This was partly because most of the contestants were singing […]

The Apprentice UK Series 10, Episode 1 – Review

Cards on the table. I’m a big fan of The Apprentice. I find it compelling viewing. And it looks like this new season – the show’s tenth here in the UK – will be just as compelling. This first episode was just what you’ve come to expect from the early shows in each series. The […]

Facebook idiocy strikes again

I have no words. Really, I don’t. This article in the Daily Mail (again – sorry), is about Facebook removing the page for Warwick University Rowing Club because they were using it to promote their charity calender, because they thought it was pornographic. Well, that’s how the Mail put it, but we all know that […]

Nuisance Calls

This weekend I took a call from a very nice lady in, I believe judging from her accent, India who offered to “help you with your computer”. Well, that’s a technical inaccuracy. I didn’t take the call. My son was next to the handset so he answered it, couldn’t understand what was being said and […]

The Power of Proper Tags

Over on a different blog, I posted a piece on Ms Debbie Delamar, who claims to be the proud owner of Britain’s Biggest Fake Boobs. She’s been all over the media (or the gutter press, if you prefer) this past weekend. It wasn’t a particularly unusual post, in the sense that it was pretty much […]

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