MailOnline – Think YOU are being overstretched in the office?

Here’s a few, the full story and all of her photoshoot is here. Bet she’s loads of ‘fun’, if you catch my drift… Seriously – how the hell does she do this?   via MailOnline

Summing Up Politics

Saw a great quote from a 75 year old in Chicago in respect of the US elections yesterday that neatly sums up the problems with not only US Politics, but politics the world over, including here in the UK. "I’d like to get to the bottom of what’s really right for this country, and that’s […]

BBC – Phil McNulty: Brilliant Bale has world at his feet

I don’t usually agree with McNulty – in fact, I don’t know why I bother to read him – but I do agree with this. Gareth Bale was fantastic last night. Shame he can play for England, we could use someone like hi. BBC – Phil McNulty: Brilliant Bale has world at his feet.

Rovers going for an Indian

So, I looks as if Blackburn Rovers are set to become the latest Premier League club to get foreign owners, with Indian farming company Venkey’s Group all but ready to complete a takeover from the Jack Walker Trust. They will join 8 of the other 19 premiership clubs who are owned outright by foreign nationals, […]

Android Market Surpasses 100,000 Apps

Here’s a report from Mashable about this… Android Market Surpasses 100,000 Apps. …to quickly quote from the article… Android has just rocketed past a major milestone: 100,000 applications available in the Android Marketplace. The announcement was made with just a tweet from the Android Dev Twitter account. “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market,” was all […]

Review – X-Factor 23/10/10 part 2

IF you haven’t read part one of this ‘review’, read it here. After the Boy Band, we were treated to a woman who’s bottom is not in proportion to the rest of her body. Seriously, this girl’s arse is huge. Not that I’m complaining, I quite like it. But anyway, I didn’t like the song, […]

The “Get Ready for Parenthood” Tests

This is one of those old e-mails that does the rounds. But it’s funny, so I’ve copy/pasted it here.Test 1 – Preparation Women – to prepare for pregnancy: Put on a dressing gown and stick a beanbag down the front. Leave it there. After 9 months remove 5% of the beans. Men – to prepare […]

Review – X-Factor 23/10/10 part 1

Well, this day was my birthday, 36 years young, so I was hoping that all my dreams would come true. Unfortunately, Wagner is still in the X-Factor, so I was all out of luck. As was John Yoda-lay-hey-who or whatever his name is, who went crashing out after forgetting the lyrics in his version of […]

BBC News – Italian seaside town planning miniskirt ban

I’m not completely sure what to make of this… BBC News – Italian seaside town planning miniskirt ban. In short, some crazy Mayor in a small town in Italy is planning to ban, amongst other things, mini-skirts. Stupid. Just stupid.

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