Lockdown is Tough, but Easing it Too Soon & Too Quick will be Tougher

When I sat and watched Prime Minister Johnson’s address to the nation on 10th May, it was with a mix of horror and confusion.

PMQs - Prime Minister's Questions

#PMQs – Political Theatre that’s Out of Time

We would not tolerate the kind of behaviour we see in the House of Commons, and particularly at PMQs, at, say a school assembly or an academic debate, so why do we accept it from our elected officials?

Stop the 404 – I Want to Get On

It’s quite late and I’m just about satisfied with how the blog looks – for now. I need to design some headers and then I think I’ll be there. And maybe a different background image. I’ve got a few other themes installed too that I’ll want to take a look at. But for, now, I […]

Still Generating Hits

Like most people who operate a website, I keep an eye on the stats—the number of visitors to the site, the pages they hit and where the traffic is coming from

Working from Home

Despite the UK’s “lockdown” (which, let’s be honest, isn’t anything like what most countries have meant by “lockdown” I’ve still been hard at work. Not just on a couple of personal projects which include slowly bringing the eBooks I’ve published under different names back under my main author name, but also at my day job.

How’s Your Lockdown?

Prime Minister Johnson (still feels wrong to say that—how did that man become PM?) announced that life as the UK knew it was being put on hold for the time being back on 23rd March.

Too Much Choice

Do you ever feel like you have too much choice? I do. In fact, every time I open a blank document to write a blog post I feel as if I have too much choice.

Keep it Going

It’s that time of year—end of Feb, beginning of March—when my promise to myself and commitment to start blogging and writing again in the new year comes crashing down around my ears.

Is the Album Dead?

Is the album as I knew it growing up, dead? Are fan curated “playlists” the new album? Do albums matter anymore?

Learning the Hard Way

This past Saturday, my wife, my children and I took a trip to London for the day. In the afternoon we went to Madame Tussauds, which was very pleasant, but in the morning we attended the open day at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill in Wembley Park

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