Get your Mute on

Last night I decided I’d finally had enough of Piers Morgan’s personal vendetta against The Duchess of Sussex and muted him on Twitter.

He joins over 40 other accounts on my mute list – and my timeline is all the better for it. 40 isn’t really a lot – I know some people block/mute a lot more – but I’m generally a pretty easygoing sort of fella and it takes an awful lot of bile and bollocks from an account before I decide to mute.

And I always mute rather than block. To me, a “block” is me saying “I don’t want you to see my tweets” and me not seeing theirs is a by-product. But a “mute” is me saying “I don’t care if you see my tweets or not, but I’ve damn well had enough of seeing yours”.

Here’s a full list of the accounts I’ve got muted. I’m sure you’ll understand why this makes my timeline better as a result.

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