Are there any Premier League Clubs still wholly British owned?

I’ve imported some older blog posts of mine from other blogs into this one and going through them I came across this post from 2010 on the sale of Blackburn Rovers to the Indian chicken farmers, the Venkey’s Group. (Please ignore the slightly racist headline on the post – I was younger and a bit stupid back then)

In the post, I note the Rovers were going to join eight other Premier League Clubs wholly-owned abroad and three more partly owned off-shore.

I also mention my belief that Steve Morgan was ‘in it for the long term’ with his ownership of Wolves. Oh dear.

At the time, Blackpool, Sunderland, Bolton, Wigan & Blues were still in the Premier League—so that’s changed. But also, there were eight clubs still wholly owned by British people/companies. But what about now? How many of the twenty Premier League clubs are wholly British owned in 2021? The answer, according to Wikipedia, is three—Brighton, Newcastle & Spurs. Although, Spurs is owned 85% by Enic with the remaining 15% being held by 30,000 private individuals, and we don’t know where they are based.

I thought that West Ham was wholly-owned by British owners, but apparently 10% of the club is owned by an American investment company, which I didn’t know but I suppose Hammers supporters might.

I don’t know about you, but I find this fascinating.

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