Review – X-Factor 23/10/10 part 2

IF you haven’t read part one of this ‘review’, read it here.

After the Boy Band, we were treated to a woman who’s bottom is not in proportion to the rest of her body. Seriously, this girl’s arse is huge. Not that I’m complaining, I quite like it. But anyway, I didn’t like the song, I don’t think it suited her, and if Cheryl insists on pushing Trayc as a “Rock Chick”, she’ll be out before to long. Shame, cause she has a wonderful, powerful voice.

Tesco Mary was next. She sang a song. It was good. She’s good. But she cries a lot. She won’t win, but she will probably get to release an album of ‘classics’ which they’ll sell in Tesco.

Then came Aiden, who after last week needed a strong performance. I didn’t think he was all that good, but the judges did so he went through cause some people can’t make up their own minds and do whatever Simon tells them. One thing I do like about Aiden – his surname. Can you get a more northern sounding surname than “Grimshaw”?

Girl Group time. They sang – yes, they actually took time out from moaning & bitching and generally not getting alone to sing – the Girls Aloud version of “I’ll Stand By You”. Cheryl was ‘honoured” and felt like she should get up and sing with them. It wouldn’t help, I don’t think these girls have much longer left. I liked them at the judges houses, but three weeks in and I’m sick of ‘em.

And can someone tell Cheryl Cole that “I’ll Stand by You” isn’t ‘her’ song. It’s Chrissie Hynde’s song. And The Pretenders version is better than Cheryl & Co.’s version by several hundred country miles. In fact, here is The Pretenders version.


And then there was Wagner. How the hell is this guy still here? What was he doing there in the first place? I have a theory. I think Simon had him put through (yes, I know Louis is his mentor, but it’s Simon’s show) to give the rest of us hope. Let’s face it, if he can make it the live shows, anyone can. His ‘performance’ was out of tune, out of time, and he looked like your drunken dad dancing at a wedding. It was entertaining, but only in the sense that it was so bad it was funny.

Katie was last to perform, but I couldn’t take anymore after Wagner. She can’t have been that bad, she got through, didn’t she?

Well, that’s that. Until next week. Will it still be a twelve hour show next week now there’s ‘only’ 11 of them left? God, I hope not.

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